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Help please!!!


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I am having the same issue, except forge is not reading tinkers construct, natura and better storage even though the mods are in the mods folder in the hexxit pack folder. is there any way to fix this issue? i've already tried to install the mods again and that didn't help i still get the missing mods.

On another note i play on a mac if that makes a diffrence

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Here's what I did and if you've made any custom configuration changes you might have to reconfigure them.

  1. Backup you're entire server directory. Make a zip. This should always be step 1.
  2. Remove the mods, coremods, Chocolate and config directories.
  3. Upload, copy or move the same folders from the Hexxit server zip file into your server directory.
  4. Start your server
  5. ...
  6. Profit!
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Seems you might be having a separate issue there Crazy. I received messages like the OP when I improperly upgraded my server. If you're getting it via SSP try the "reset modpack" option in the launcher first and if that fails manually remove (or rename) the folder for tekkitmain and let it rebuild the files. I've had situations where the reset option didn't fix the issue.

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I gave that a try, and that had no change its still claims that i don't have t construct natura and better storage. could it be that the server i play on has not updated to the new version of hexxit?

It's a possibility. Usually when you do that you get either missing mod or invalid mod version messages. I'm unsure but the changes between the last and most recent latest builds where relatively minor bug fixes so MAYBE it's letting you past that first hurdle and giving you a different error message. You do have to run the same version of the pack as your server does.

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