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[3.1.2] KuchenCraft [PvP][No Banned Items][McMMO][Factions] - Grand Reopening!

Doctor Ivo Robotnik

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Kuchencraft is going to receive an overhaul soon, upgrading the RAM to over five times the current, increasing uptime, and allowing much more to be done to it.


KuchenCraft is a server that was created due to other servers having flaws that seemed to ruin the entire experience, KuchenCraft was made to have none of them.

KuchenCraft has many fun plugins, such as Factions, and strives to be the best possible experience for the community, even accepting community feedback, criticism, and advice. only has mature admins, and they do not spawn any items in. Kuchencraft is 24/7, however there may be downtime for adding plugins or something similar. Unless stated otherwise in this thread, the server will not be permanently down.


- No Hacking

- No Flaming

- No Griefing Spawn, SafeZones, or WarZones

- No abusing Lua

- No begging to admins

- No Combat Logging

- No Homophobia

- No Griefing inside your faction

- No Duping, only EMC farms

- No Fandom Bashing

- No Terribad Faction Names

- No Spawncamping


Major Plugins



Staff Application Form


Ingame Name:

Experience with Minecraft:

Experience with Tekkit:

Experience with being an Admin:

Experience with responsibility:

Experience with Worldedit:

Experience with Factions:

Experience with Coding:

Contact methods (Skype, Steam, etc.):

Why you want to become admin:

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