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  1. Spawn was griefed. You should get a block logging mod (coreprotect) and an area protect mod (worldedit) You should also set up some rules and give members access to the /rules command, permission is "essentials.rules". You can set up the rules in "rules.txt" if you're using essentials 2.7.1+ or "config.yml" if you're using essentialy 2.7- And "essentials.help" so we can see what commands we have access to.
  2. Are Power flowers included in the "No EMC farms" rule?
  3. IGN: willybobsta Age: 14 Timezone: GMT+10 Tekkit classic experience: I've played it on and off for a bit over a year and am fairly confident on my knowledge of game mechanics. Creativeness Level: [bad] Why you would like to join: Because it seems nice and small, but isn't restricted, so I can play like I do in single player but with friends!
  4. Doesn't look like he's using pure tekkit classic. That's a spoutcraft error.
  5. What is your age? 14 What would be your goal on the server? I'd probably build some factories and... Um. Not sure what else. Why should be whitelist you? Because I'm good at tekkit classic and can probably answer most of the questions people ask about it. Why this server? Because it's small, allowing for a community that actually knows each other and no banned items, allowing us to create what we want. What's your IGN? willybobsta
  6. IGN: Willybobsta Age: 13 Tekkit Classic Experience: I don't have much experience in TC, but I do know the basics of the mods. Why do I want to join: I would like to join this server because a small server to play on would be nice, as the big servers have hackers, griefers etc. Why I would be good for the group: I would be good for this group because I like trying to build new things and I don't know everything about the mods, so I could build some things you guys have never seen before, and you could teach me, and apparently teaching makes you smarter so...
  7. If you get into a private server like this, could you invite me, I am in East Australia (Newcastle)
  8. IGN: willybobsta Age: 13 Skype: Not Available Why would you like to join?: Becuase It looks like a good server and I haven't tried Roleplay before. Which nation would you like to join and why?: Could I be a Rebel please? I would like to be that becase I don't want to be a Native but the Colonists are not good people.
  9. IGN: willybobsta Age: 13 I'm from Australia Because I need a peaceful TL server. You shouldn't find me on any mcbans type websites (or mcbans for that matter ) because I'm a fairly quiet peaceful person. Yes, I agree to your rules
  10. I need a server to play on with someone who's good at the Industrial Side of Tekkit, such as IndustrialCraft, RedPower and Buildcraft. Thanks ;)