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Switching Save States Need Help

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Hello, I have recently installed Tekknit pack to help fill in some holes in a adventure map and I have it nearly complete on my normal Minecraft launcher. When I moved the save states over to Tekkit launcher save files it sent the project back a few months to a save file way before the original save state on the minecraft launcher.

Is this a bug or is there a way to get the present map or save state onto Tekkit from Minecraft.

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I'm guessing you did your basic editing with a 1.2 version of Minecraft, in which case your map is now in the Anvil format and Tekkit doesn't support that. I don't know of any tools to convert it back to the 1.1 format, and even if you could, you'd probably have trouble with things like jungles.

(You're seeing an old version of the world because you were probably using 1.1 before and then upgraded to 1.2, and it kept a copy of the world in the old format at the point you upgraded, and Tekkit just sees the old one.)

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