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INFINITE SUPERFAST XP, 30 lvl in 1 minute!!!


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So,you can get from lvl 0 to lvl 30 in 1 minute!!! Without cheating,without killing any mobs...

Everything that you need is couple of macerators and couple of induction furnaces and iron ingots (and that is what we all have ;) )

1. Put iron dust in induction furnace

2. MOST IMPORTANT step - when furnace has product iron ingots dont shift click them because they will not give xp,instead of that pick them manually with your mouse pointer and they will give you a ton of XP.

3. Then you can put iron ingots in macerator and do that thing again :D


More macerators with more overclockers and more furnaces =more iron ingots=more XP!!

You can power all that with one MV solar panel for complete free superfast XP :))

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