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Breaking slabs drops wrong variety


Title: Breaking slabs drops wrong variety

Version: 1_0_4

OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1

Java Version: 1.7.0

Description of Problem:

When breaking slabs made from most of the new tree types, the slab dropped is of the wrong type (either Amaranth or Eucalyptus).

Drops As Eucalyptus Slab 2512:

* Redwood (Giant) slab 2512:3

* Maple slab - 2512:6

* Silverbell slab 2512:7

* Sakura slab 2512:1

* Unnamed (Hopseed) Slab 2512:5

* Unnamed (Bloodwood) Slab 2512:4

* Ghostwood Slab 2512:2

Drops as Amaranth Slab 2513:

* Willow Slab 2513:2

* Fusewood Slab 2513:4

* Tigerwood Slab 2513:1

* Darkwood Slab 2513:3

It appears that breaking these slabs isn't keeping the type data, and defaulting to the "plain" option

Error Messages:


PLEASE NOTE: Hexxit version is 1.0.10 which is not in the dropdown below.

Error Log:


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