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Hello, I am looking for people to join my group. I am wanting people who are able to give their free time. I have a dedicated server just for our use. I would like a small group to create and have fun. The purpose is to upload video's on YouTube with our groups dedicated YouTube account. I am looking for no more than 10 others. There is space for people to become staff. I am looking for an artist, a modder and a moderator.

Please if you are interested let me know in a reply below;

Name, ING name, How long you've been playing minecraft, why you want to join and lastly previous work.

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Hey i would love to be your moderator, i am on tekkit almost everyday and a lot on weekends!

Name: Aaron

IGN: lbron666

Play Time: Minecraft-2 years Tekkit-1 1/2 years

Why Join: I want to join to be a moderator and to help tour server have fun also while helping u!

Previous Work: I am a mod on my friends server but also a co-owner on another

Thx i hope to hear back from you!

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