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Missile Defence AND Offence?


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Basically, I've rigged up a wonderfully blastproof fortress with a friend, with AA Turrets dotted around the roof to shrug off anything that can be lobbed at it. The turrets are amazingly effective (multiple turrets mean at least one is ready to respond immediately) and haven't ever let one in.

However, the whole point of the Fortress is to be an offensive structure too, so its equipped with multiple launchers for attacking. The problem being the AA turrets will shoot down any missile launched.

I've tried using Radar/Anti-ballistic missiles, but the Radar activates on missile launch as well.

The only method I've come up with would be MFFS shields over the turrets to deactivate them when I launch. Which is doable but is there a better way to mix defence and offence?

TL:DR - Friendly Anti-missile systems shoot down friendly launched rockets.

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