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Server Block lag!!! HELP ME!

Matt Warner

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Right, so I've been running a server for about 3 months now. Recently I have been able to stop ALL lag from before by starting to Skype on my phone instead of my PC (Which is running the server and client). My friend joined my server yesterday and it's now been laggy as it comes. I've allocated more RAM turned most things to false and I still get block lag (When you mine the block and it then returns making you mine it again) It may sound pathetic but it is annoying as shit. Could someone help?

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are you ever able to mine the block if no you could be on your spawn place where the blocks are protected try breaking them when your op if it works go to bukkit.yml find spawn-radius and change 16 to 0 :) if not then its just alot of lag :( hope this helped

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