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Hey an alle :)

ich spiele mit meiner Freundin Tekkit Lite auf einem Privatserver und wir haben nun das problem dass wir aus einer Kiste Cobble und Dirt und so halt in einen Recycler Transportieren wollen, der kommt das aber nicht so schnell hinterher und deswegen werden die Steine natürlich ausm Rohr geschmissen, gibt es irgendeine Methode wie ich der Kiste oder den Pipes oder der Redstone engine sagen kann hör auf zu transportieren das Ziel ist voll?

Danke für eure Hilfe im voraus :)

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yeah seems legit ... :D

so I play Tekkit with my Girlfriend on a private Server and we want so transport Items from a normal chest or anything like it into the recycler, no problem but the recycler is slowly so the Pipe at the end drops the Items which are in her if the recycler is full, is there any method how I can tell my pipe, my engine oder my chest "STOP! the recycler is full" ?

I hope it wasn't soo bad :D

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Ahh, I see. Turning off your redstone engine could be a little tricky (you might want to look into buildcraft gates) but a good short term solution would be to add an insertion pipe:


It'll only try to put stuff into the recycler if there's room. If you continue your pipe past the recycler, the items will continue on when there isn't room. You might want a 2nd recycler, an overflow chest, or a pipe that loops back into the first chest.

You should also consider switching to RedPower Pneumatic tubes or an Applied Energistics network, as both are much 'smarter' than BuildCraft pipes.

Your english is a bit broken, but definately more understandible for me than German. ;)

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