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Tekkit Server Mod Additions


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I'm new to administering a technic pack server, and I'm trying to add in some anti-griefing measures into my server. Speficially lockette and worldguard, and I'm not having any luck figuring out how. I've put the jar files into the mod, coremod, and a created plugins folder, but nothing seems to work. I've also tried sticking mcMMO, dynmap, essentials, and autosaveworld in there and they seem to fail to work also. I'm assuming I'm missing something here to tell the server to load those, but I have no idea what it is and google isn't very helpful in the matter. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


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are you using MCPC-Plus? You need to download a 'B' version from here and then replace your Tekkit.jar with that file (renamed as "Tekkit.jar"); after you run it once it will create a plugin folder and then you can drop the plugin jar files in there and run it again.

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