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MinecraftLite adds 5 small features with big possibilities.Download link: http://tinyurl.com/myxjkgm

Install Intrusions

1. Download Forge.

2. Download the mod


3.move the mod to file:///Users//Library/Application%20Support/minecraft/mods/

4. launch minecraft

Windows3. %Appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods/

4. launch minecraft



Feature #1 CoalMod

CoalMod was improved to fit this mod style. The new CoalMod is highly configurable. You can now change the amount of coal you get per a seed you can even turn of this mod entirely.


Feature #2 Spider Eyes To Redstone

Every get tired of useless spider eyes, look no farther because this mod allows you to smelt your spider eyes into redstone allowing you to build more survival redstone contraptions. Like the coal mod you can turn this feature off too.


Feature #3 Fire

Ever want a swords that were easy to craft and caught animals on fire for food. This mod does that. By adding flint to any sword in the crafting inventory you get a sword with Fire aspect 1. By adding a blaze to any sword in the crafting inventory you get a sword with Fire aspect 2. By adding magma to a bow in the crafting inventory you get a bow with Flame 1. You can also turn off this mod like the others.


Feature #4 Bedrock

Every want a base that is ungriefable now you can with this feature. To make bedrock you need 9 diamond blocks.You can also turn off this mod like the others.


Feature #5

This is a new feature in version 1.0.1 It adds some new items which I let you find out what they do and how to craft them.



I am not responsible for any damage from to your minecraft from this mod. You are allowed to use the source code as long as you have link back to me and state that you used my code. This can change at any time and it is your responsibly to check on changes in my license. ©Uranuscraft

Older versions

Release 1.1.0 for mc 1.6.4 http://tinyurl.com/mrmg4qf

Release 1.0.1 for mc 1.6.4 http://tinyurl.com/lycemdhRelease 1.0.0 for mc 1.6.4 http://tinyurl.com/log94su

source code https://github.com/u...t/minecraftlite

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