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My friend can't connect to my Hexxit server


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Me and my friend wanted to play Hexxit together so I created a server. I downloaded those server files from technicpack.net, I changed server properties, I downloaded Hamachi, I did something with Port Forwarding (I really don't understand this) and the server is working good. I can connect to it and play, but my friend can't. Each time he tries to connect, it says that connection timed out, or something like that. I tried many video walkthroughs and I don't know what else to do to play with my friend on that server. Please, help!

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When you use hamachi you don't need to port forward that's the entire point of it, I can't really give you much help over text because I'd have to literally explain everything that has something to do with setting up a server.

If you have a skype and would like further assistance feel free to P.M. me your user name. I've never set up a tekkit server before but I've done servers for bukkit and vanilla MC so I assume it should be somewhat the same.

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Can you write here what to do? I've followed the instructions in some videowalkthroughs. Me and my friend are using Cracked Technic Launcher 7 is that a problem?


No discussing illegal activities - The internet is a big place. Take it somewhere we aren't responsible for. This includes piracy talk. Yarr!

What do you think?

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