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help with mo creatures mod


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hi i am having trouble installing the mo creatures mod. when i put my mod stuff into my minecraft.jar and into my mods folder it all goes smoothly and yes i have the gui and the custom mob spawner that goes with it. so when that's all done i load up my big dig and the following text c forge mod loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation

you have mod sources that are duplicate within your system

mod id : file name

CustomSpawner : minecraft.jar

CustomSpawner : CutsoMmobSpawner 2.3.1.zip

GuiAPI : minecraft.jar

GuiAPI: GuiAPA1.2.6.jar

MoCreatures : mincraft.jar

MoCreatures : Dr.Zharks MoCreatures Mod v6.0.1.zip

If you can tell me how to fix the problem or give me a link to a video that says how to do it specifically for Big Dig not tekkit that would be great thx

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