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Man in need of help, can't figure out how to downgrade.


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Ello, so I updated to tekkit 1.5.2, and I think i liked tekkit 1.5.1 more, its less complex to me. I was wonering if there was a way to downgrade to the tekkit 1.5.1, but if that's not possible, then if there is a way to remove mods like atomicscience or MFF. If this is at all possible I really hope that someone could let me know of it. Thanks!

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what *should* happen is you click the gear beneath Tekkit, make sure to check "Manually select a build" and then you should have a scrollable list that includes several builds from 1.0.2 to 1.1.10. You would probably want 1.0.6. If you're not seeing it, I'm at a loss, as I just checked mine and it's clearly there.

Perhaps you could list which builds *are* available and that might give a hint as to where your problem lies.

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