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Server cant keep up


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Hey guys I have quite common problem, but it is rly though to solve because I'm running server on linux, with 6 GB of ram allocated. It is showing that its only 10% used but still its shouting that cant keep up.

Normally I wouldnt bother but everything is annoying when monsters are moonwalking to you and killing without any problems


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First thing to remember is that Hexxit is very resource heavy during world generation. Is anyone exploring and causing new chunks to be generated? Because of all the advanced world generation mods that Hexxit uses your server can definitely take hits if too many people are doing this at once. I'd say look for a way to generate your world ahead of time.

Second, I've noticed this message happens more from the physical hard disk not keeping up usually caused by large changes to your world during things like chunk generation and massive changes like setting off 100 blocks of TNT or using World Edit on a large region. If you have the ability, the best way to fix this is to place your world save into a ramdisk. It's kind of an advanced thing to do but here's a decent article on how to do it. It won't work if your world grows too large and there's the added risk of losing your world if the unforeseen happens.

What might help almost as much is to place your Minecraft server onto a different physical drive from your OS (or at least your OS's swap partition). Even though drives are fast these days, it's still physically capable of reading from or writing to only one spot on the disks at a time. If a program, service or daemon is trying to read or write on the disk at the same time Minecraft is they have wait for one another.

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