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[1.6.4]Outer Colonies[PvP][70 slots][Open][outer-colonies]

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Outer Colonies is a new custom modpack server running on 1.6.4 from the tekkit launcher. The world was opened to the public on Nov 22nd. This is a Towny PVP Server with many custom plugins and mods. There is a full and rich player economy, personal shops area, and a map wide transportation system. What you won't find are pvp game breaking teleports and warp commands, overpowered single shot weapons, or god armor.

The story of the pack follows you, a colonist leaving earth for a new world. En route your ship is knocked off course and the undersized ship is forced down on a completely un-settled world. 10 years have gone by and the colony is starting to claw it's way up to the industrial revolution. There is an curious mix of new world steam and diesel technologies mixed with a few precious high tech items scavenged from the spaceship. But the knowledge to create much more is out there, it's up to you to go out and build it. Your goal is to leave the capital city and form new towns and nations on this world. Strive to dominate the world through trade or conquest.

The server features a world wide transportation system of roads and rails to help move you around. As it's based on 1.6.4 there are plenty of horses with personal saddles to ride. We have 2 FANTASTIC train mods and even flying Zeplins!

A new mechanic we're working on is a Towny Wars plugin. All Towns will get added to the worlds default nation of Attis. Mayors no longer have rights to leave a nation once they are in it. They can however form a new one. Nations can go to war and towns are assigned defense points based on size. Should your town die enough during a war to the enemy your town is conquered by them. Your daily tax's now go to your new nation. Your stuck in this nation until they release you, another nation conquers you, you form your own nation, or your town collapses.

Server Rules:

  1. PvP is enabled world wide except for spawn. No whining if you get killed.
  2. Cursing and foul language should be kept to a minimum. No stupid bans for slips or occasional humor but excessive language will result in mutes or bans.
  3. Owners and all mods are Adults.
  4. No X-ray packs, Duping, Hacking, etc.
  5. No griefing spawn, No bypassing Towny protections.
  6. Have Fun.


bPermissions, Essentials, Stargate, HorseProtect, Signshop, Towny, Towny Wars, WorldGuard, World Boarder, Craftconomy3, + Lag, monitoring, and protection plugins.

Video Spotlight:

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The pack has been updated to 0.8. Updates included;

1. Removal of Forge Microblocks causing corrupt world data.

2. Addition of Immbis Microblocks to replace them.

3. Addition of Galacticraft!!

-- It's now a race to the Moon and Mars! Special reward chests are being placed on both for the first team to make it! Obsidian armor and diamonds await.

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I seem to be having trouble downloading the modpack? When I try to run the modpack after adding it to my modpack list, it immediately says "Error downloading file for the following pack: Outer Colonies etc. etc. Please contact the modpack author."

I'm running Mac OSX, I've added modpacks before and they're worked fine. This looks like a great modpack, I hope I'm able to play it!

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We've added the great Mod ' Open Blocks' to the server. This should give folks some amazing new things to play with. The Hang Gliders are Awesome!! I think I should add one to every new players inventory along with the rope ladders.. Simply fantastic for exploring the world!

Re: Doomzzday01, I'm not sure I just republished the pack @ version 0.85 and we had 12 people that updated and got on no problem. Please try to reset the pack and try again.

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There have been a few requests for us to show people how to make money on the server. Since we don't have a traditional Admin sales area to buy your raw goods we wanted to take some time and show people how the system worked. Hope you enjoy the video and hope we can build a rich and engaging economy.

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The world border has been increased from 5 to 6k in order to generate some new content areas. The world inside of 5k is missing Project Zulu dungeons and Galaticraft Silicone, two world gen items that were not available when we pre-seeded the map. Both of these should now exist from 5k to 6k on the map. Come check us out.

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Happy weekend everyone. Things are shaping up nicely on the server. We have 6 Active towny towns with over 17 people already in established towns. Many new small groups are forming to build new towns. Who will be the first Nation to rule the world?

We've had an upgrade to our stargate system introducing a 3 tier stargate network. Come check out the server and new mods!

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We've had a problem with Moon and Mars render causing server TPS problems. As a result we have put in a 1000 block boarder on the moon and pre-generated all that space. The moon can now be used without causing any problems. We will expand the border as the number of people on the server increases. Come join a town!

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The idea behind the pack was something like the old games of Age of Empires where you could progress through the ages as your civilization develops. I wanted to include mods that would start at the industrial age and take folks back into space to follow the theme of the pack. The one Mod I really wanted but isn't ready for prime time yet was Thermal Expansion. I think when it's ready for full release we will probably update to include it. I'm holding back the map size for just such a need.

Environment Mods:

Aquaculture ( Finally Fishing is FUN! )


Project Zulu

Painter's Flower Pot

Pam's HarvestCraft & Pam's Weee Flowers



Immbis Microblocks

Storage Mods:

Iron Chests


Tools and Weapons Mods:

Tinkers Construct

Open Blocks


Flintlock Guns

Technology Mods(by Age):




Additional Buildcraft Objects



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We're working on getting a working version of Towny Wars included on the server. The idea behind towny wars is that nations can go to war where PVP is enabled but block damage is not. Each town gets a defense score based on plots owned and number of residents. If you die at the hand of your enemy enough times your town is switched to their nation. Your daily upkeep tax's now go to your new overlords!! This should keep the fun going as large nations struggle to control the many smaller towns in order to fill their war chests with tax loot. While peaceful farmers who just want to tend to their peanut crops can do so without worry of their farm being destroyed.

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Modpack was bumped to version 1.1 yesterday with a lot of changes. In all 14 mods were updated in the pack. The latest Railcraft, Hungeroverhaul, EnderIO, etc were all installed. In addition 3 new mods were added to balance out some missing spots on the server.

1. Secret Rooms Mod ( camo blocks and 1 way glass to hide stuff in non-towny lands or when starting out )

2. Damage Indicators Mod ( Shows the health of your opponent be it a Pz Pharaoh boss or another player )

3, Barrels Mod ( adds some unique and very useful storage options. Barrels added to towny protections )

Best count is we have 53 active players who have logged in over the last 3 days and we've reached 29 +1's on the tekkit modpack list!! We hope to break 20 simultaneous players and 50 +1's by the end of the year. Come by and check out the server.

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Modpack was bumped to version 1.23 yesterday with quiet a few changes.

1. Traincraft updated to latest build

2. Buildcraft updated to latest build

3. IronChests updated to latest build

4. Railcraft updated to latest build

5. EnderIO updated to latest build

6. Tconstruct & TMechworks updated to latest builds.

7. DamageIndicators minor version update to latest.

While we don't have sethomes or player tp's ( not even donors ) to increase the difficulty and more importantly make pvp meaningful we do have a LOT of ways to get around fast! Some folks seem a bit set back when they read in the spawn book they can't use tps or warps. You've never had so many options on getting around as this modpack.

1. When you claim or join a town you can /t spawn to your town using your Towny spawnpoint.

2. The railroads that run N,S,E, and W from spawn to 5k out also have a Roadbed in the middle that doubles your run speed.

3. You can of course put any one of the dozens of Traincraft or Railcraft locomotives on those same tracks.

4. Up for a bit of off road? Take a horse! We have a private saddles plugin that will keep your beast safe.

5. Need to get somewhere fast? Take a ladder ( or elevator ) up a few hundred blocks and jump! With your hang glider of course! Hang Gliders can cover 2k on a flight.

6. Need to go a long way? Build yourself a Zeppelin, toss in some coal and fly to the edge of the world. Slower than a glider but no need to stop and rejump up.

7. Want to visit a friend? You can tp to their towns spawn ( provided it's public ).

8. Last but not least for a small IGM fee you can even build your own stargates to connect to spawn or any 2 points. Tiered gates reduce travel fees based on up front expense.

We hope you come by this weekend and take a look. Only 10 more +1's on tekkit to reach our 2013 goal!

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This weekend we made some further changes to the modpack and server.

1. Flintlock Guns is out due to crashing issues.

2. Balkins Weapons Mod is in bringing 3 new guns and a bunch of Fun Melee weapons.

3. Thermal Expansion 3 is in!!!

4. World border has been increased to 7k in order to provide new content areas.

5. Our new PvP Arena is almost complete.

We totally blew away most of our goals for last year. We finished with > 60 +1's on tekkit and our community has grown considerably with lots of new players daily. We averaged around 12-18 players on at a time over this weekend! With more than a dozen towns and several nations already started the drum of war have already begun and while some nations prefer to build peacefully others are out for blood. Come join us no matter where you fit in you'll find a home.

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May i recommend extra utilities? if you dont know much about the mod go see direwolf20's spotlight on version 1.2 of the extra utilities mod, i picked this mod out because it can get you many useful things that provide usefulness, such as the builders wand for expanding at a faster rate or generators to power up the things you want to power.

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