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  1. Name: Justin Minecraft Username: whowantssoda Age: 15 Your long term minecraft project: to build a fully automated internal city, most likely inside a mountain. More like a fallout vault Why you want to play on this server: I am looking for a nice small community, where i dont have to set traps and defense for griefers, and scavengers. hope to see you guys soon
  2. Your In Game Name: whowantssoda Your age: 15 Where you are from: U.S.A Something about you (optional) I like buildings and challenging my limits on howa building should look. What do you want to build?: i want to build a giant castle that is fully automated and has an abstract design. Why you want to join the server (optional)I love a nice community where everyone is building great feats, and is helpful, and inviting. This server looks great, as it seems protective and more on building. I hope to join for this reason .
  3. Your IGN: whowantssoda What is your age? (there ain't no shame ) 15, Why do you want to join this server? i want a server, where there are not any annoying people, running around causing havoc, and making the game unbearable. Are you a explorer, builder or crafter? All three, i love building the amazing building, while make sure it is fully automated, and useful for my purposes What do you expect from this server? a nice friendly community, where we can all see each other amazing builds and designs Are you going to record? (this doesn't affect your chance of getting accepted) maybe in the future Are you willing to donate? (also this doesn't affect it, just curious hehe) i will donate if i really like the server, and it's community Are you good at building? (If you are and want too you can help on spawn); yeah, im good in medieval/ Greek design How much knowledge do you have about this modpack? I know a fair ammount of the machinery, but not much on witchery [edit new question] How active will you be? Fairly active, depending on my schoolwork Wolf or lion? wolf,
  4. ooh i like the modpack, playing it now, getting used aand settign my stuff up
  5. Name: Justin Age: 14 Country and Time Zone: um i think it called western pacific? IGN: whowantssoda Tell us a bit about yourself and what your hobbies are: my hobbies are wrestling, gaming, and i love bikings.... and PUPPIES!!! Mods you are proficient in: I am good with Ic2, thermal, buildcraft, tinker tables, minefactory reloaded, Who is one of your biggest role models: lance armstrong.. the beating cancer part, not the steroid part Why do you want to join this server: well the servers i have been attached too, no longer exist , so i need a new one. this server seems cool, with politics, economy and war. I was looking for a modernized style modpack and this one fit the description perfectly. Why should we let you join this server: I am a good, repectful player, that always wishes to learn new mods, plus i am great in building, or making a awesome hidden base if needed. i also enjoy competition, and the once in a while set backs just add to the fun of things. the idea of companies building to squash each other is always a fun one Where did you hear about us: tekkit modpacks forums
  6. this is a great server. welcoming people, warm towns, loving communities... but very little action, all the towns are all no pvp so u just sit there and do nuthin. cant wait for the new mobs though, but can you please implement something motivation for a war?
  7. Soda for EVERYONE! cept you bidboof.............

  8. Applications IGN: Whowantssoda Character Name: Hydrox Character Age: 30 Character Sex: male Real Age: 13 Real sex: boy Backstory: Hydrox, a disgraced captain, nearly lost his life after being betrayed by an ally. Left for dead to the zombie horde, he vow to kill the traitor if he ever escaped. The zombies eventually got him, but his remains where found by a scientist. Brought back to life with his experimental nano technology, his face was forever scarred. After Hydrox returned to the city,discovering his traitor has murder a senator and blamed him, but never less he still assassinated him one night with an iron sword. Condemned for his "Crime", he now lives on the run, wearing a metal mask of his mark, living in whatever way he can while holding his creed to heart. Strike when right, but always with reason
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