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Unusually low FPS

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Hello world.

So I was completely vanilla until today. It took some serious convincing but I finally broke down, got tekkit, and I love it.

I haven't really built anything yet but I'm already noticing astonishingly low FPS. On my vanilla server I easily get 100-120 on fancy graphics and far render. On tekkit I'm getting 20-30 FPS on fast graphics and normal-small render.

Normally I would dismiss this as, "well no shit its modded" or, "you must have installed something wrong" but what got me thinking was when I play vanilla my computer just about catches fire. It shoots out all kinds of hot air and without my cooling base it overheats and starts to lag from it. When I play tekkit there is little to no heat coming from my laptop even though I'm trying to run the same settings.

Is this normal? Is there a fix? I want to use up all my computers massive power to craft amazing machines in high frame rates but it just won't let me!

Any help would be greatly appreciated=D


windows 7 64 bit

java 7

8 gigs ram

i7 processor at 2.2GHz

nVidia Geforce 5(something or other)

tekkit 2.1.1

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Increasing ram allocation doesn't work for 99% of the people. If minecraft would need more ram it would take it, generally doesn't require more then 500mb.

The problem seems to be the fan, check and maybe clean it, could help.

Also make sure your world doesn't have a gazillion items laying around somewhere, that will dramatically decrease your fps.

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Thanks for the replies guys! Ya I've increased the RAM allocation out the kazoo and that didn't seem to change much. And the problem isn't that the fan isn't working, it was more an observation that my computer isn't heating up when I play tekkit. When I play vanilla it shoots out all kinds of hot air but on tekkit I get a warm breeze.

Is there any way this could be related to my graphics card? Just throwin that out there cuz I know next to nothingxD

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