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Technic Let's Play! TheFlowAndTheRhythm


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Hey everyone, I am just getting into doing commentary. I have been a fan of minecraft and commentators for quite awhile and have finally decided to give it a shot myself! I would describe myself as someone who is pretty quirky and random but has a great passion for minecraft and connecting with my audience, though at the moment I don't really have much of an audience hahah. My LP is going to be focused around Thaumcraft 2 (though I am really waiting for technic to update to 1.2.5 because of the new things in Thaumcraft) but I will use the others mods to help me in my endeavors. I would really appreciate if you would give my channel a chance, and even if you choose to not subscribe (I will take no offense) I would appreciate it you could me some suggestions to improve as I am just starting out and am willing to grow and learn. Thanks!

Link to Channel:


Edit: I would suggest going straight to episode five, that is when things actually start to get interesting, I think haha.

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