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[2.0.4] ThunderBite [PvE] [PVP][Minigames][Ranks] [24/7] [2 Banned items]

Joshua Tack

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Welcome to the ThunderBite Network. We are hosting only Voltz at this verry moment. We strive for the best gaming experience we can offer. Help us grow, Help us become more for less.

Server website:

Server Info:

- 2 Banned items, (obsidian tnt, Item router: both for dupes)

- Plugins

- Rankup System(Under Development)

- Minigames for Voltz (Under Development)

Server Rules:

- Common sense should be enough of a rule.

- If you dont have that. use /rules


- If you have any suggestions please share them with us.

- We could still use some moderate server staff.


Server ip:



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