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  1. That might be the case. And most likely is. Maybe try updating your java to a later build? It might support windows 10 better. Thats all i can think off.. If that doesn't help I don't know what will.
  2. That's Minecraft for you. When you hit escape, everything related to rendering is paused as far as i know. Also rain isn't displayed in pause mode I think. Since AotBT is very render heavy due to all the visual mods its highly possible to get this problem.(I was never able to run it decent as well.) A fix to this might be lowering your graphics settings to fast and your smooth lightning to minimum. Those give you quite of a performance boost. also setting your renderdistance lower will help a lot. An optional setting is turning off vsync. It limits your fps to your refreshrate of your monitor,
  3. 1. Why do you mention the clearlagg plugin? 2. Does it happen on any other servers? This is important info you need to provide to figure out if its server related or client related. What i'm guessing is that the world around you disappears but you can still walk? If so try walking around a bit. It might just be a visual glitch with your graphics card. I know it happens to me sometimes in vanilla as well, but walking around a bit usually fixes it If that doesn't work, see if pressing f3+a does anything. It refreshes your chunks and is basically the same as rejoining.
  4. Added a custom coded plugin to change the join messages. Also fixed the recent end of stream issue.
  5. Updated player ranks and changed donator ranks. Feel free to go take a look: http://thunderbitenetwork.com/shop
  6. ThunderBite - Voltz IP: Voltz.thunderbite.net DESCRIPTION YES YOU SEE IT RIGHT! TBN VOLTZ IS BACK! We were one of the top servers running the voltz modpack. Due to issues we had to close down. But yet we are here again! Network Info: ThunderBite Network (TBN) has very stable modpack servers running custom plugins and patched modpacks. We provide lagfree and quality servers around the globe. Great latency on every continent. ThunderBite generally started out with voltz but moved to other modpacks aswell. Server Info: - Dedicated server - Custom plugins - Low latency - 32gigs de
  7. ThunderBite One of the most stable B-Team servers. Custom plugins, bug fixing/patching Only 5 banned items: - Chunkloader(s) - Minions - Magnetic Force - Drawbridges - Necromancy (due to a crash bug) Main plugins: - Emotions - Towny - Playershops Rules: IP: B-Team.ThunderBite.net Website: http://thunderbitenetwork.com
  8. Don't get what you mean? the server is 24/7 and has a 99.7% uptime. Don't think there are more stable voltz servers out there --"
  9. A Nullpointer exception is creating the error: Simple explanation: One of your mods has a variable that doesn't have a destination/value Advanced explanation: When you declare a reference variable (i.e. an object) you are really creating a pointer to an object. Consider the following code where you declare a variable of primitive type int: int x; x = 10; In this example the variable x is an int and Java will initialize it to 0 for you. When you assign it to 10 in the second line your value 10 is written into the memory location pointed to by x. But, when you try to declare a re
  10. Caused by: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out java.lang.RuntimeException: A download error occured This means that Java could not download the required files to start your game. Make sure you have connection to the internet and make sure you're firewall isn't blocking any connections. This also might be because some of the download servers are down. read trough this crashlog on the page. and click the links that are posted in it. you will have to manually download those files. i'll also paste them here: I'm quite sure these have to go into you main folder http://mirr
  11. We all know AotBT is quite unstable for the time being. And therefore i decided to make a post where you can report crash logs. This so you don't have to bother other people with it that don't want to "waste" there time with this. How to post a crashlog: Since we all know crash logs are quite long i prefer you post them on a site called PasteBin (http://pastebin.com/) Don't worry i'm not advertising, this is not my website. So paste your crashlog there and hit the Submit button. copy the link and paste it in a post over here. Also please give me some other information like: - Wh
  12. This has to do with the Galacticraft mod. This happens on all Multiplayer servers. Al tough you shouldn't fall for 5 minutes. (Mostly you'll just drop down half a block and then shoot back ontop of it.) The only possible reason is either your connection to the servers you try to connect to is quite slow. Or your internet is to slow to send the required packages to the server. Minecraft is verry sensitive to package loss.
  13. i suggest you look into MCPC+ instead of BukkitForge. It has a much better plugin integration.
  14. added new voting links and updated my custom made plugin. Also working on CTF, Team Deathmatch and Mobarena
  15. Updated ranks and fixed an issue with votifier, you will now also receive all your items wen you vote and are not online on the server
  16. Welcome to the ThunderBite Network. A top notch gaming community, hosting only quality servers. Server website: http://www.thunderbitenetwork.enjin.com We sure don't say we are the best server out there. For the simple reason that every server is diffrent. =====| Server Info |====== - Low banned items (list in spawn) - Patched duping - Dedicated staff - Great uptime 99.9% average uptime. (great for a voltzserver i think) - Minigames in the making - Economy Based - Towny ======| Why Towny and not Factions |======= Everyone knows factions is a simple to use plugin and gives
  17. Alright, Got what i deserved. Anyway you can delete this topic and let me make a new one? Not asking to reset my penalty, just to remove this post. Thanks in advance.
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