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  1. Welcome adventures! This is the SAO Ancientrpg.net server where you can come and play on Floor1 and soon Floor2! We have a ton of bosses and staff to keep the server fun and safe! This is a Sword Art Online inspired Modpack & server including lots of features from the anime. This Modpack is also cool for everyone who hasn't watched the anime cause its also a normal RPG Modpack. The main features are the bosses, mobs, custom drops, lores. quest and allot more! To join you must use the following modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sword-craft-online-rpg Check out the website: http://ancientrpg.net/
  2. We have reached 150 unique players in just 1 1/2 days! Woo! We also filled 25 slots up yesterday!
  3. Removed more plugins again that are just for looks / pointlessness so not that important! Should crash less!
  4. Update 01: Fixed Portal out of spawn! We now use warps which means we have less plugins! = less lag!
  5. Just tested the non multicraft fix, seems fine so far... Also Not all permgen errors can be fixed as they could be due to plugins / mods being incompatible / malfunctioning according to mcprohosting staff...
  6. Thread updated to work with NON Multicraft servers! I have not tested it but in theory should work! Feed back is appreciated!
  7. Fixed Almost all server lag and crashes today! Recently we have been crashing almost every 30 mins (in the last week) Now we have not crashed in ages! Lets hope it keeps up!
  8. Thanks, unfortunately we came across players trying to break and lag the server on purpose. :/ Anyway we had a full reset of the map and reconfigured plugins to optimize the sever! For a limited time you get a diamond pick efficiency 30! do /kit member !
  9. Yer i found that out, the problem is when you have 50+ players on your server and somone breaks some blocks using the thing (aslong as others can see it then it looks like it broke for them aswell) they start yelling stuff allot etc. It would be nice to just have another way of banning them but i cant find the entity names for them anywhere so i guess ill just have to put up with glitched blocks untill the server restarts and they reappear...
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