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  1. Update: Googled how to find a MC seed. Used NBTExplorer to obtain old world's seed. Created new AotBT world with same name as original and put in seed for original world. When that 'new game' loaded, it was my original world. Same items in inventory, avatar still in same location, built structures still in place. But a new world folder was not created in the AotBT saves folder. I will try playing on this new/original world tonight and see if anything else wonky happens. I still don't know what caused the original crash and disappearance of my world. I went ahead and deleted the BOP
  2. Munaus, Is this the issue you are referencing? Issue: Saves worlds disappearing. Cause: unknown? Fix: Back-up the world save folder from .technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamsaves Create a new world with the exact same name, it may not start you off in a familiar area If it does not - go to where your base would be, if it isn't there, continue to follow instructions Copy the level.dat from the newly generated world, most likely under the world save name followed by a hyphen under the saves folder mentioned previously, into the old worlds folder. Note: Having t
  3. I just tried loading a brand new world and it's working just fine so far. I just went with whatever presets were on when I downloaded the Technic launcher again, other than upping the Java memory to 3GB. When creating my original world, generate structures was on. I remember the last time I played several years ago there was an issue with BOP villages that caused crashing and you had to go into the program files and remove some.
  4. I just back into playing AotBT yesterday and started a new world called 9-23-18. I had played about 8 hours in the world and flying around exploring BOP when it crashed. I opened MC back up and loaded the game. It crashed again upon loading the world. I opened MC once more to load the world, but under Single Player Select World, there was nothing. It was blank; there were no worlds to load. I checked the AotBT program file, and there is still a folder there called 9-23-18 as if my world is still there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Below is the crash report from the last time I
  5. I have made sure to play with nothing running but MC, and particles off, fast graphics, minimum everything, weathered cleared, everything. I just don't understand why a few months ago, I was getting 60fps all the time. I haven't changed computers, or the launcher/game settings. The only change I can think of is that I have since been switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
  6. It has been a few months since I last played AotBT, but I used to get around 60fps in game. I recently updated the launcher, opened AotBT, and created a new world. In game, I am only getting 10fps, which I have never experienced before. What's even weirder to me, however, is that when I hit ESC and pause the game, the fps immediately jumps up to at least 60fps. I am still using the same computer, with the same 2-3GB or RAM dedicated to the game, with nothing running in the background. I don't know what is suddenly in game that causes such horrible frames. If you have any suggestions or fixes,
  7. Very interesting new find! I was playing AotBT, then had it running in the background when I accidentally opened my computer's home start menu. I could see in the background that as soon as I was out of the game, I was getting anywhere from 100-200fps! Screen shot with 120fps
  8. Task Manager view Task Manager view 2 In game stats
  9. Yeah, I had tried that. I have nothing else running, but still only 10fps.
  10. It has been a few months since I last played AotBT. When I last played, I got about 60 fps in game. Today, I opened the launcher, was prompted to update the AotBT modpack, which I did, then loaded the game. Everything is working fine, except I am now getting only 10 fps. I am still using the same laptop, with 16GB RAM, and still allocating 2GB of memory to the launcher. I remember having an issue long ago by having too much memory dedicated. I have changed nothing about how I am playing the game, so why am I getting such low FPS now? Could not find any posts with helpful tags in a search. Th
  11. It's been a while since I played AOTBT, but last I heard, there still isn't a fix for BOP villages crashing the game? That issue was introduced over a year ago, and I can't find any posts anywhere that say otherwise. Has the creator given up? Can no one out there fix this? Is there an update that I just haven't found? This is ridiculous. I want some damn villages in my game. Thanks
  12. Thank you, that did seem to be the problem, how odd. Kind of a pain when I'm not in range of a WiFi signal, though. Can't hear creepers or anything. Oh well, not a huge deal in the scheme of things. Thanks!
  13. Yesterday I was playing fine, with normal sounds. Today, I open my game and there are no sounds at all. My speakers and sounds are up all the way.
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