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[1.3.9-Recomended]JAC Big Dig [PvP/RAID][150][Open][Dimensional Doors Mod Disabled]


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Hey guys! Im proud to announce the launch of the newest addition to the JAC Community; Big Dig!

Big Dig, is a modpack through the Technic Launcher, with many mods. Imagine, the carnage of Voltz, with the possibilities of Feed the Beast!

Myself, Giantsfan98, and Mickeyjay88 have worked very hard to maximize the performance and expirence of this pack. We have spent almost a week debuging, and making sure there will be as little downtime possible.

Myself (Moon_Owl) and a few other JAC staff have suscessfully patched ICBM, cusom coded Multiverse, Factions, a few administration plugins, to optimize server capabilities as well as cross-plugin and cross-mod capablities.

On our website <Link> we have sections for all of the servers in the JAC Community. Here is a link to the Big Dig section <Link>.

Our Section Includes Gereral Posting, Ban Appeals, Mod Apllications, and Soon a JAC Donation Shop.

As the server progresses, and we gain more of a constant playerbase, new worlds will be added. Including a Survival World(No PVP, Greif Protection), and worlds with custom generations such as Sky Blocks, All-Ocean Worlds, Custom Nethers with hidden treasure, and Custom Ends with multiple islands.

Now with all that said, as a server we have only just begun, but we are apart of the JAC Family, and we all look foreward to seeing you there!

( all JAC servers are 24/7 365 with the exception of downtime for matinance)


< Server IP >

Server IP: bd.jacgaming.com

Teamspeak IP: ts.jacgaming.com

< Rules >

All Players:-


[1] ALWAYS listen to the staff, or risk the consequences.

[2] Respect ALL other players and staff.

[3] No spamming, swearing, or caps in chat.

[4] No saying "LAG" or "SWAG" or "YOLO" in chat!

[5] No saying "LAAG" or other attempts to get round chat auto-filters.

[6] No racism, discrimination, religion, political or sex talk in chat.

[7] ENGLISH only in global chat.

[8] No X-Ray texture packs.

[9] No hacked clients.

[10] No duping, or any other exploits. If you find an exploit, inform staff.

[11] PVP/Griefing IS allowed.

[12] Scamming IS allowed.

[13] Advertising is a PERMABANNABLE OFFENSE.

[14] No building bases ABOVE The Nether.

[15] No MFFS kill fields within 1000 blocks of the edge of SafeZone

[16] No kill fields (or similar) on the main island of The End

[17] Any misuse of a donator perk will result in it being removed from the player.

[18] No impersonating staff, no misrepresenting the words of staff members.

[19] No griefing of SafeZone or any other protected server regions.

Public Staff Charter:-


Please be aware that all staff (ChatMods, Mods, Jr/SrAdmins, & Managers) are permitted and encouraged to play Voltz. They may keep factions, raid, and scam just as any player.

Staff Gameplay:-


[1] You are under NO obligation to accept a faction allegiance or a teleport from a staff member.

[2] Staff members may not use your coordinates or any other details gained while "on duty" i.e. while giving you player support.

[3] Staff, as well as some donators, may change their nicknames. To see the account behind a nickname, type /realname nick

[4] It is strictly prohibited for a donator to impersonate a staff member. Any caught doing this will be stripped of their nickname privileges.

[5] Chatmods and Mods do NOT have access to /tpo, /kill, or ANY commands that aid in gameplay. They are here to answer your questions and moderate chat.

[6] Teleporting a staff member to your base to kill them under the pretense of a support request is STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE PUNISHED.

< Banned Items And Disabled Mods >

Banned Items:-


-Rejuvenation Explosive (all forms)

-Contagious Explosive (all forms)


-Obsidian TNT



-Oil Fabricator

-Liquid Router

-Theoretical Elementizer

-Weather Orb

-Steve's Stopwatch

Disabled Armor Modules:-

-Active Camouflage

Unobtainable Items:-

-Infinite battery

-Infinite power card

-=* Redmatter explosive is NOT banned *=-

-=* Plasma cannon is NOT banned *=-

-=* Matter cannon is NOT banned *=-

MFFS Limits:-

- Projector max scale 32

- Interdiction matrix max range 48

- Rotation module disabled

Disabled Mods:-


- Dimensional Doors


< Current Gameplay >

For the Moment, JAC Big Dig is a PVP/Raiding Server, with an economy. This will change in the future.

When you first log on, you are in the Spawn world. There is not building here, only shops, portals, information, and tutorials.

Directly infront of the spawn point are the server rules, and then banned items.

A portal to enter the Main PVP world is just around the corner from that.(Black liquid between two lava pilars)

Also in the Spawn world is the server shop, that never runs out, player shops, where players can purchace a room for 1 week at a time, and run their own shops. And free utilities such as a charging room, and soon public machines(pay per use)

You are now in the PVP world, and from this spawn, you must travel 200 blocks away to exit safezone and ICBM protections. (I suggest all players try to live as far away from spawn and it's protections as possible)

Now you can make a faction, or join another's. Scamming, and betraying are all allowed. Total Carnage.

You may also choose to live on the moon (a warp is provided(you will need oxygen gear)) Or you may choose to live on a space station, in the Nether or The End.

< Future Gameplay >

(This is what this server will become in good time, also what will be added)

(This list will grow, as the server does!)

  • Survival World
  • Custom End
  • Custom Nether
  • Sky Block world (floating islands)
  • Weekly Server Events with Donation Ranks as Prizes
  • Possibly a Creative World
  • Server-wide Role Playing
  • Ranks that can be bought with ingame money
  • Ranks earned over time

< Screen Shots >




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