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Quarry Powering Help?


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I'm using an infinite power source in which lava is pumped from the Nether, and into magmatic engines. The energy is sent to a redstone energy cell, and into conduits where I supply my machines with power. However, I seem to be having a problem getting energy into my quarry. The conduits aren't putting any energy into the quarry and it isn't starting up. Please help! The arrows on the conduits are in the correct position, so that's not the problem. Also, my quarry is 64x64 blocks wide.

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is the power going through the Redstone Energy Cell? Could it be set to only operate on a redstone signal?

Hahahaha!! Yes!! Of course, I'm such an idiot! I had the redstone set on High! Wow, thanks for the help, even though it should have been completely obvious to me XD. Thanks anyways :)

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