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Citizens Bukkit Plugin Economy Issues


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Tekkit Server 2.1.1

PermissionsEX 1.18

Essentials 2.8.2

Citizens 1.1.6

Citizens plugin seems to work just fine. No errors... except it doesn't seem to be connecting to economy correctly... (tried switching too Iconomy on a test box but didn't work either). It doesn't charge money to create a NPC I have set the citizens config file to charge money and set the values... Free NPCS! so anyways... I decided to restrict it to admins only and admins could give out NPCs. Well we did that and someone made a trader. They gave the trader some money so it could buy stuff as well. We can all buy from this trader and it works... but it doesn't take any money out of our accounts! we can sell it items and get money back from it! but when the owner tries to pull money out of the trader, the trader looses money but the owner doesn't get the money... I am so confused!

if anyone has ran into similar issues or has any suggestions please let me know,


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