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  1. The distribution pipe will do that. Say you have 10 machines all needing 2 coal, you put the distribution pipes all along where the normal pipes are except the last one, you set all the output except the one going into the machine and the one going to the next pipe to 0 then on the machine one you set it to 2 and the exit to the next pipe to 18, then the next pipe you do the same except you set it to 2 and 16, then 2 an 14, then 2 and 12 and so on.
  2. Learn to use RP tubes, they kick BC pipes arse in every possible way.
  3. I can confirm using the bypass version check works with no problems for Towny
  4. From what I can make out from his video is that you stick Tekkit.jar and mod_EE.props in the /server/jar folder and the actual mod files in the /server/ dir unlike Tekkit 2.x where everything went in the /server/jar folder.
  5. People enjoy things in different ways and have different reasons, likes, and dislikes in MC/Tekkit. I avoid EE completely because it makes things easy when combined with BC machines in tekkit, my friend uses it because it reduces the amount of time he has to spend gathering materials and he can get on with building fancy structures or whatever while I'm off creating complicated machines/production lines.
  6. I had an awesome combustion engine powerplant going, was ~38 engines, took a long time to get balanced for water input but once it was up and running it output around 400eu/t, was awesome. Then I came back from the nether and there was an explosions, turns out the pumps hadn't loaded and the reserve tanks were drained very quickly. This then resulted in my entire base having no power apart from one LV Solar Array. I rage quit and haven't gone back yet.
  7. When all the information is on the first page, the same one you hit the "new post" button on, you make yourself look like an asshole.
  8. EE causes any economy based on the sale of items/blocks pretty much irrelivant as you can effectively just spawn stuff (not strictly true but essentially the issue) so the value of any item is almost wiped out. For those of us that avoid EE on my server we just trade with each other, this is only really doable as we're all friends so unlikely to be out for a profit. You have a few options: Disable EE completely Restrict the crafting of certain EE items (RM/DM) and have them sold in an admin shop (while having condensers disabled as well as people would just have to buy one then clone it
  9. There aren't any real permissions for the mods as such, they just don't work the same way as bukkit plugins. That said if you are using area protection (Towny, World Guard, etc...) you will need to either OP the fake users for the mods or add the needed specific blockbreak/place permissions for each, they are [buildCraft] [Forestry] [industrialCraft] [RedPower] I'm not 100% sure if there is one for Rail Craft but I added [RailCraft] as well just to be on the safe side. If you are using Towny you will need to add them as NPCs. This guide explains how to do it which worked for me. This fix on
  10. While well intentioned if you read the entire thread the OP (on the bukkit forums) has been mostly torn to threads as a lot of his tweaks are either useless or increase cpu/ram usage.
  11. 1. Stop the server 2. Remove commandbook.jar (and folder if you fancy) 3. Add essentials.jar 4. Start server Rocket science is my strong point, but this was complicated.
  12. He removed the DRM for the Technic launcher about a week after the shitstorm died down, he accepted that the Technic team would not include it in the pack (it seems).
  13. You could easily just reduce the image size of spax by 50% to get 32x and again by 16x ;)
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