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[Tekkit Main] WorldGuard Dev Needed


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I have been running my Tekkit server for about six months and I have always ran into issues with World Guard. I thought now would finally be time to submit a request. I am currently running a Tekkit Main 1.1.10 server and I am in need of someone who can make a plugin to fix a few things that World Guard cannot accomplish.

My Request:

A plugin that will disallow certain IDs to bypass a world guard protected region.


antimatter, which can be dropped in a protected region and still effect blocks.

power gauntlet module: leafblower, which can destroy leaves in a protected area.

There are many more that can bypass world guard protected regions but I just wanted to name a few. If anyone has the skills eligible for this task, please comment below. I am willing to make a small payment and/or offer in-game benefits.

If you want to check out my server first, please go right ahead: www.sombrerocraft.com

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