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Cobalt Daggers appearing in World in Stacks


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This has never happened before and honestly baffles me. Cobalt daggers have been appearing by the masses all across my server. When you pick the daggers up, they appear in a stack. When a dagger from the stack gets thrown it duplicates the entire stack of daggers. This is only happening with cobalt daggers, i have not seen any other daggers appearing. The players claim that the daggers are generating by themselves, as no one on the server would know where their base is. I have my doubts but i have searched all over the internet for a fix to this problem, with no results of it even existing.

Hexxit version 1.0.10, Mcpc+ build 652, Dimensional doors disabled.

I would rather not ban every TC dagger, since each dagger from TinkersConstruct has the same Data Code (6318). Thanks for any help.

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