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Templates and Blueprints in Tekkit?

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So I'm wanting to create a blueprint or template (Forgot the difference between the two :P ) of a structure I made so it can be duplicated using a builder. However, when I make a template it has a pink square for an icon and when put in the template drawing table it stays as a 'blank template'.

Are these broken in Tekkit and will they be fixed next update?


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No they are not broken, but the builder in Tekkit is not as capable as the one in Technic. All it can do is remember the placement, NOT the type of blocks, in an area.

If you look carefully, that "blank template" you made in the table has a different item ID than it started with (turn on display of IDs in NEI). If so, it isn't blank, and it can be used.

The pink texture is some bug or another that doesn't affect functionality.

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