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Awsome Technick Factorys


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If you realy want things automated READ THIS POST !

im making almoste 24/7 new automated machines or factorys, so if you feel lazy just look at the screen shots and make it in your own world.


Automated UU-matter machine (endless)


- Redpower 2

- Redpower Machines (or buildcraft IDK)

- Buildcraft

- IC2

- EE (Equivalent Exchange)

the EU-gens are 13 in a row x 4

the big EMC-gen produces lava cells

the small EMC-gen produces (something that is about 4 to 16 EMC)

input : none

output : 1 uu-matter / 40 sec.


Sorry for the small picture and the spelling mistakes

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Hmm, try to connect the lava generators directly to the Mass-Fab. That way you can push even more than one HV-Package per tick into it. On a server with Tekkit we used to have 64 HV-Solars Feeding a mass fab, resulting in putting out 1 UU per Second without scrap (dont ask how long it took us to come that far...)

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