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Official Kittyjail series


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Ok. Presented for your viewing pleasure/disgust/ambivalence/pickle is the new Kittyjail series.

Kittyjail is a private server/pack created by some forum regulars of the Kittyjail thread in offtopic. Mainly just a place for us to putz around with the mods we feel like, with or without an endgame goal in mind.

Based on MC 1.6.4, the pack contains most of the mods found in the current Tekkit pack and a whole host of other stuff, like Biomes-o-Plenty, Natura, Bibliocraft, Ars Magica, and Thaumcraft.

I will be streaming as much as I can over twitch, and will be shifting videos to youtube as I figure it out. I might figure out editing in the future, but for now it'll be raw.

Yes, this is my first time streaming. But I figured if I can make an arse of myself as a magician for Disney, this shouldn't be any different.

Twitch stream can be found here:



Other streams will hopefully be added from the some other Kittyjailers.

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