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[1.3.2]Ian's Tekkit Server [No PVP][40 Slots][Essentials][No Mods Removed]


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Server IP:



- No operator hacking or asking (kick, temp-ban, or perm-ban if done 40 times)

- No Magic, Hard to read text eg. black, or youtuber nicknames/text unless operator.

- Don't be mean to the server (Your IP can be banned after doing this 50 times!)

- Don't kill an AFK person (You might be jailed)

Mods removed:

None for now

Banned Items:

- Nuke (You don't want your house blown up!)

- TNT (Same applies above but smaller explosion)


AlwaysDay (Keeps it daytime so no mobs spawn outside)

DisableCraft (Plugin that bans items from Mods)

Essentials (Makes the server, well, essential)

(that includes Group Manager)

PlotMe (Used for creative)

AutoSaveWorld (Map auto-saver)

Citizens (Staff you see at spawn and the fake Citizen Jail people)

CraftBay (Allows you to make auctions while other people bid for it, I don't know why I put it in my server)

GriefPrevemtion (Allows you to claim land so griefing isn't allowed, also allows trusting people to build on your claim)

Who I want:

Players that play Tekkit Classic.


My spawn is not complete, but nobody joined me, I wish I was not alone

Oh yeah, DisableCraft isn't working, I do not want to restart

--- EDIT ---

New Screenshots!!!

New spawn, Now the jail is at the spawn!

New Spawn Screenshot:


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