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  1. Small request - Make the sludge and sewage pools less common. I changed this in my configs myself. I think they are too abundant with the regular config really.
  2. Well, its quite simple to get it working in 1.5.2 really, check out this post : HERE However, i don't think it has been added, but if they do, i really hope the bug with microblocks turning invisible will have been fixed.
  3. Whoever teejaye_man is, stop announcing this server on other servers.
  4. You could use the engines to power a magma cruicible to turn cobble into lava, and feed the lava back into the engines. That should generate a surplus of lava, so you dont run out.
  5. Just to clarify, its ONLY the ME chest that is banned, all the rest of the ME items are available :)
  6. No, this is tekkit 1.1.5 You can join the server, however you will be restricted to the spawn area with a view of the main town. To join you have to apply on
  7. Still plenty of room for new players. Come join us while the world and the economy is still fresh
  8. He he, the staff will be picked based on how they act and interact with other players on the server. I will need to get to know the persons i select before i give them access to staff stuff naturally :)
  9. A It seems i just had craftables selected when i looked at the drives after i upgraded. The drives are fine, but the chest is still bugging with the drives. Had a talk with the Applied Energistics guys, and it seems this was a known bug which is fixed in version 11+.. So i guess we'll just have to wait for this to be included in the next tekkit version.
  10. Visit us at We are dedicated to running a stable service in a lag free environment. With 0atek you get a mature community, with a dedicated staff. We are running tekkit 1.1.10! Server: Rules: Banned item: Ender tank - crashes client. You must be at least 18 to join this server! Plugins: Craftconomy3,Vault, PermissionsEx, WorldEdit, Worldguard, Dynmap, ChestShop, GriefPrevention, HeroChat, Essentials ( protect/spawn ), MCTowns. We have the following features: - Grief protection and chat antispam system - Economy - Buy your own piece of land - Make a town, and become a mayor! - Lift plugin for effecient and cool lifts. - Chestshops, sell your stuff. - Mob arena, fight waves of mobs and earn money. - Spleef arena. - Spawn area shop plots, buy a plot and build a shop. - Ranking system for dedicated builders. - Advanced chat, make your own channels. - Keep your gear if you die. - Advanced rollback and restoration tools. - Hourly backup - Greylist( you can join, but you have to be a member to interact with the world. ) Expected uptime: 24/7/365. We're doing system upgrades on a mirror system, so downtime when updating is minimal. As an example, when upgrading from 1.1.5 to 1.1.8, the total downtime was less than 3 minutes! The server is hosted by an experienced Minecraft host, with SSD disk systems and flexible CPU management. We expect to expand the server and add hardware resources as we grow. This is a brand new setup, and we will be looking for staff to join us too. Stop by to have a look around, or write your application to join us on our website: