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Server Lag Problems.


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I created a server for me and one friend to play on. We finally got it working but, we're having lag issues. I host the server and my friend connects to it. The problem is that my friend lags. (He can't see me, he can't see blocks that I've already broken/interacted with, he's not there on my screen but he says that he's right in front of me, he sees mobs that I don't, etc.) when I hit tab to view the connections it says that we both have good connection but he still lags. If someone would be willing to help with the problem that would be great. Thank you.

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If you are hosting this on your home machine, then check the following:

1) What is the upload speed with your ISP? Your friend's download speed is going to be limited by your upload speed, since he has to data from your machine.

2) Check your modem/router/firewall and make sure that there is nothing throttling your upload speed or causing any other issues.

3) What's the rating on your ethernet/wireless connection from your server to the modem/router?

4) How much RAM do you have on your server? How much is the minecraft/hexxit configured to use? It's possible that either you don't have enough physical RAM, or the server isn't configured to use enough of it.

Most likely, if it is not the server code itself causing the issue, it's going to be your server hardware/networking that's causing the issue.

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Depends on the view distance. A view distance of 4 in server properties keeps 81 chunks open for each player. I think the default is 10 and that keeps 441 chunks open. Plus however long chunks stay open if you are moving around.

Should say it doesn't just depend on the view distance, but I think it's a primary thing to check out. More chunks you have loaded the more ram/cpu your computer is using.

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