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Welcome young entrepreneur!

Welcome to a world full of opportunities! This is the new

server of milk and honey.

I offer you a contract that you can't refuse.

Join our server.

You will leech the lands in search for trade goods. Leech them all dry, I say!

Exploit the lands and maximize profit!

I want to see profits, I want to see money flowing out of you.

Sign this contract by joining the server.

Then venture forth and go make me some MONEY!



This server is all about maximizing profit.

As you can see, we are a server that's all about capitalism.

Your goal is to get as much cash in hands as possible.

Make your trade empire grow and make others collapse.

With the money you'll be able to purchase awesome things

to get more power or just for flair, to show off that you're rich.

Things you'll be able to buy, like:

A plot in the capital, and able to build higher as your company grows

Name a street after you

Tired of waiting on MobArena? Just buy your own arena

Buy space for your own statue

EVERYTHING is for sale

We started on 10/12/2013 so we are fairly new.

Do not fear though! The current staff is quite experienced

with experience of managing Bukkit servers for over 2 years!

We use Towny on our server, this will simulate your company, towns are companies.

Features list





Staff with over 2 year of server administration experience

Able to create your own stocks and trade stocks(Coming soon!)

Banned Items

Dimensional Anchor (use a teleport tether instead)

As we encounter problems with certain items, we might enlarge the list

Limited items

Turtles (Only for $20+ VIP's)

Dimensional Doors (Teleport links only for $30+ VIP's, dungeons DO work for everyone)

Mystcraft (Only for $50+ VIP's)


The rules are quite straightforward and simple.

If you fail to disobey the company's guidelines, you will be fired (banned...FOREVER).

Respect the server staff

We take the time to let you have a good time, do us a favor and don't harass us.

No major griefing

We allow minor griefing, like cutting cables to slow down the progress of a rival company, but not the annihilation of a company by the use of explosives.

Speak English in chat

We prefer to use the English tongue, as it is the global trading language. We do not like jibberish in our chat.

No cheating

We are honest people *cough*, but no seriously. If you cheat, we ban you.

No cussing

Respect your colleagues, even if you hate their guts.

No spamming/advertising

We do not want baboons typing jibberish in chat, or rival multinationals advertising their



Our capital of happiness


Clean and efficient energy


My office is at the top, I'll be watching you


Ignore the fact that some blocks are from Tekkit lite or Tekkit Classic,

this is the actual capital.

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