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  1. Ingame name:Freakless_Oaxs How long you have played mc/b-team: 4 years How often you play mc/b-team: Every day Age:16 Other information:I'm a great builder and usally dable in all the mods of AotBT The server version is 1.0.12a
  2. 1. In Game Name:Freakless_Oaxs 2. Age:16 3. Experience with AOTBT:2 months-ish 4. Skype Name:Spencock 5. Personality:Generous, Creative. 6. Good at Building?: Hell to the yes. 7. Why should you be accepted?:I should be accepted to become white listed because, I'm a great builder and I would be an active player 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional):No. 9. Favorite mod in the pack:Forge Microblocks (namely because it greatly expands my options for building) 10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server stay afloat(decision will not affect whitelist):Depends on the amount I,Freakless_Oaxs/Freakly, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
  3. are you sure "" is a valid minecraft IP address? "Can't resolve hostname"
  4. The server seems to be restarting a lot more often when there are a lot of people online do you have auto-restart configured to a certain amount of entities?
  5. You open the launcher and hit options, then change the downloaded version