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Server owners server server server... Why the F do you disable this feature


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Alright, So I'm tired about this. Every server seems to disable Invisibility. Why, Overpowered. This is a rage topic.

So you don't want me to be invisible? Screw it and that rule. Players complaining? Well then they shouldn't be playing Minecraft.

Hate to tell you but "Invisibility potions" Are in the game. Why not just ban them to? Heck why not just ban the matter cannon a actually Op item, that I cant go around your rules to use this.

These two items have extremely different uses. The Camo, well makes you invisible and if you hold the item, well you can be seen. The Matter cannon since it can go through everything besides bedrock and basically something that can go past any defense and makes the game not worth playing. The cannon is what makes the camo op, removing the cannon makes the camo not Op, you cant be seen but at least you cant go through every defence like butter, like Force fields or the anti alter block module.

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