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[1.3.13] New community/server. Looking for beta testers.

Rebirth Gaming

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Hello everyone!

We are a new, small Minecraft community, hosting two servers - a Bukkit minigame server and a Big Dig PvP/economy/survival server.

We have been working for the past month to find a trusted host for our servers, our TS3 and our website. We currently use Enjin to host our website, TS and donation store, and Multicraft to host our MC servers.

Both servers are currently up and running smoothly. We are constantly at work trying out different plugins, making heavy modifications to our site and servers, hashing out ideas for ranks, item lists, donation rewards, and more.

Currently, we have a decent idea on how we want to run our servers, but lack a solid test team to give us input and to stress test the servers. Thus, we are now reaching out to find an effective and dedicated team of testers.

If you wish to apply as an early beta tester for our servers, and thus have a say in how it will run, plus huge thanks from us in the form of server/community benefits, then hop on over to our website and apply.

We are looking specifically for people who are knowledgeable with plugins, running communities, Minecraft in general, running minigames, and with the Technic mod packs (specifically Big Dig for now). If you feel like you can contribute, then apply!

We are NOT looking for people who just want to be here for "me first" reasons. If you have nothing to contribute to helping our community get on its feet, then wait until our servers are open to the public. Feel free, however, to sign up on our website and wait for it to be open to the public. We may giveaway prizes to first comers!

There is currently no release date. Our goal, however, is later this month.

To apply, visit http://rebirth-gaming.enjin.com/

If you don't have an Enjin account, register one.

After doing so, fill out an application on our forums.

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