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~Server Help Needed~


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So I have a friend who joins my server and lags alot, so how would i fix this? or could it maybe be his end? because he does play on a laptop.

Please let me know, thanks.

If anyone could join my server too and let me know if its laggy or not that would be much appreciated! :)

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Eh we never had problems on my Pixelmon server so the internet we have isn't bad but I guess it's hexxit "net code"?

My computer is good custom rig and he's using a Mac. (Don't know what type he has but he can play BL2 on it)

And more information like? How much ram is ion the server? How many players join it?

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Well... actually hexxit is a modpack with almost 100 mods, so to run it nice you really need a good PC. Maybe the mac is making some compatibility problems, but i've read some post of Ram memory leaking with hexxit (reaching 15gigs of ram being used) so isn't a very good modpack to play in private servers.

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