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Universal Cable vs Redstone Energy Conduit


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I've been searching for an answer to a question that has been bugging me for a bit now, and perhaps I just haven't been looking in the right places but I haven't found a concise answer to this particular question.

Regarding Universal Cable and Restone Energy Conduit, which is the better power line? Now I know that's fairly subjective, but just in terms of being good at transferring power which offers the better value, which offers the better efficiency, so on and so forth.

Thank you very much.

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UC is cheap and easy to make, but seems to cause graphical issues with some computer setups (loss of FPS). UC connects just dandy between mekanism power generation blocks, energy storage blocks, and machine blocks.

REC equires three TE machines to get access to, they do not play well with mekanism power generation and storage blocks, and have a 5% power loss; but allows to direct the flow of power (except with mekanism gen and storage)

With that said what I've done: Edit ThermalExpansion.cfg so RECs have zero power loss, or update TE to the latest version. Two hydro gens (with separators) hooked up with UC feeding an advanced battery box, that then feeds into a redstone energy cell. It's a simple setup with a small foot print that more or less keeps up with the demands of the redstone energy cell.

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