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Let's Survive Technic 6 On Hardcore.


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Hey there everyone its genesisofthewind or as my account says here Genesis28. I am making this new topic to introduce you all to my new let's play series (although to be far there are a few other videos up there and one other let's play I am working on the minecraft one seems to be my best so far.) So let's talk a little about me shall we. I am a film major in college so editing and recording are no problem for me and I update as often as is possible with my wacky schedule. My dream is to be able to live off making videos and having a comic series but that is a conversation for another day. I am a relativity small youtuber so far with only eight subscribers but I am unwilling to quit. Please check out my channel and tell me what you think. Leave comments in the comments section of my videos because I do read all of them and I even read them in the videos so maybe you'll get into the video yourself. Before I go I do want to address real quickly that since it was my first series the sound in the first two episodes are sub-par but I have fixed the sound and it should work just fine now. Thanks again and I cant wait for the feedback.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/GenesisOfTheWind/videos?view=1

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