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[1.6.4]Paradigne[25 Slots][Greylist][ParadignePack]

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Detailed Website

www.paradigne.com (no ads, no donations)



Disclaimer: The below description is very wordy, you do not need to read it.

You may check out our website for a much more basic overview

if you are not interested in all the gritty details.



Fully-featured server:

  • With some of the best terrain generation mods at our disposal, Paradigne is a lush and expansive universe full of variety and opportunity. There are over 90 biomes in Paradigne, and the sky is not the limit - travel to new worlds with the construction of advanced rockets and/or mechanisms. Dive deep into an expansive ocean with dense kelp forests and coral reefs.
  • In Paradigne, life exists at every turn. From the depths of the Nether, where new creatures lurk, to the oceans full to the brim with fish and sea-life, to the numerous biomes of the overworld, each filled with it's own unique creatures.
  • Challenge yourself with everything from the simplest to the most complex contraption and machine and immerse yourself in a world of technology and choice. From batteries to nuclear reactors, from wireless redstone to advanced computers, from teleporting ring platforms to advanced elevator rails - Paradigne has entered the 21st century, and the proof is in the pudding. Check out our full Mod List for details!

Professional, stable and time-tested server hosting & administration:

  • Paradigne was founded on November 12th, 2010, and has been running with 99.99% up-time stability ever since. We have been running an MC server since pre-alpha on multiple platforms (hMod, Bukkit, Spout, and now Technic with Cauldron.)
  • Paradigne is hosted off a professional, high-speed hosting service located in Los Angeles, CA. This is not your grandma's fresh-baked home PC solution, this is a robust solution for working adults who like to play Minecraft whenever the interest is sparked.
  • Paradigne hosts powerful anti-griefing plugins to protect player-made objects from harm. The administration also backs up the server frequently as an extra safeguard.
  • Paradigne has hosted hundreds of plugins over the years, and the administration is well versed with advanced problem solving when it comes to errors caused by plugins and mods alike.

Mature, well-balanced survival mod pack:

  • We do not have hundreds of mods like some servers, instead we have 28 high quality mods. We believe these are the very best the community has to offer, and we have tested a LOT of modpacks, and a LOT of mods.
    • The mods used on our server are hand selected to not only work well with one another, but also to avoid the duplication of features when possible. Our goal is a highly intuitive and fully-featured Minecraft SMP experience.
    • Mods are updated often, and new mods are added when they come to the attention and interest of the community.
  • The Paradigne server is 100% survival multi-player (SMP), there are no exceptions for players or the administration. All structures are legitimately constructed, and cheating as well as exploitation of broken mechanics is strictly monitored and enforced. Nothing is free in Paradigne, it is mined, looted and built with the tools granted us by the mod pack. Violators are given a chance to defend themselves, but there is a zero-tolerance policy for this behavior (a life-long IP & account ban is standard practice.)

Close-knit, mature community:

  • Paradigne's history is rich with over a hundred highly creative, mature players. We pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming atmosphere of players that are generally over 18.
  • We host a smaller and more tight-knit community, and we prefer it stays this way (15 or so active players being a good goal to shoot for at this time.)
  • PVP is allowed on our server, however there are strict guidelines to keep this experience enjoyable for all players on our server. These "rules and laws" are required reading for those looking to join, and essentially just make it clear harassing other players is not allowed.

Intuitive NPC's and Quests:

  • We now have intuitive NPCs that help liven up the server. While quests are still being developed, there is a rich story-driven plan ahead of us.
  • NPCs also provide the following resources:
    • Trade (we also use "Chest Shops" provided through Cauldron/Bukkit. ChestShops = Everyone, NPC Traders = Admins)
    • Mercenary work (they are not free, you must pay them with our servers currency, which follows the gold standard)
    • Information (Need to learn more about the server? Ask around!)
    • Post Office / Mail system
    • Guards (in large cities, guards patrol the area and keep you safe from threats)

We are looking for a few mature players to join at this time, please feel free to log in and check us out and/or fill out our registration page in order to join us as a full member:


To Visit:

Not convinced? Need to see it to believe it? Come visit our server at play.paradigne.com (that's the server IP) as our guest!

Modpack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/paradignepack

Platofrm URL (for the launcher): http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/paradignepack



To Apply:

Visit the following link to review our application and sign up as a full member of Paradigne:



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  • 2 weeks later...

I've edited this post slightly to better reflect some of the recent changes to the ParadignePack. We've had a few new members, but we could always use a few more. I am on vacation currently, but I do pop on every now and again throughout the day if anyone would like to check us out! Our moderators are fairly frequent players as well, although during the holiday season I think a lot of us are trying to get away from our computers a bit more haha.

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Hello! We have worked really hard to build a world catered to creative, collaborative play, and would love to have some new players join us! In Paradigne, we love working both individually and together on projects, so we always love to see what other players have to offer either as individual projects or as contributions to a greater whole. With both visually and functionally appealing mods, our world's diversity and functionality is something that we pride ourselves on, making both exploring and building a well-rounded and engaging experience.

Paradigne has been structured to ensure respect and safety of players and their creations, so unlike other servers, griefing is not tolerated, and we always try to ensure that players' structures do not interrupt one another in regards to space constraints (i.e. you're not going to build a beautiful, scenic palace, only to have someone else move in right next door and ruin your view with their own building). In Paradigne, we strive for respect for our fellow players - both personally, and in regards to their projects - which is, I think, key in a game where creation and destruction are both so easy to wield.

So please feel free to come try us out - we'd love to see what you have to contribute to our world!

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(p.s. We welcome everyone, and in fact value diversity among our players, so please don't be shy about checking us out! Whether you are an experienced player, or just starting out, Paradigne is suited for any kind of player! Really, all we ask is that you are friendly, mature, and respectful to fellow players, because we really want to focus on being an all-encompassing world for everyone who joins us!)

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  • 8 months later...

I've made some massive updates to the server as of late - particualrly quite a few to the spawn area to help new players. I am eager to see if we can't expand out our community once again. We could use another mod or admin as well, as my full time job keeps my pretty busy. Pop in and say if hi if you'd like to check us out! We are quite friendly, even if there are only a few of us!

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