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A Rouse Hole (Link's stuff)


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Well I have said for a while I was going to post some of my random workings here and now I am going to. This OP will likely get updated a lot.

I will kick this off from the a rough excerpt from day one of my wrting experiment inspired by Hindos "Metropolis Blog" before he went and got banned.

===Technic playlog===

I came to my senses in a forest. I sat up and rubbed my head. I could see a nearby town a few meters away. As I approached the town and looked about I happened upon a town hall. I was informed by a bulletin-board that much wood was need, so I took off to the forest and cut down a mighty tree with olny my bare hands forming an axe from the remains to chop down more when i had enough i went to the village and sold them gaining 16 denier, 15 of which I used to by scrolls to enhance my knowledge of the strange local culture before returning to the forest to get wood. My chopping lasted well into the night and i rushed to get started on my house, killing a tiger that had decided to take my plot, I was unable to finish it though and had to hole myself in an unfinished section till day, I had fought off some giant spider during the night and was relieved when the sun shone again, i headed back to the forest to kill some deer for dinner and get more wood to sell, after selling the wood i return to the site of my completed home to find to bears with i promptly defeat them and get the salmon they carried. unfortunately I was so hungry I had to eat my food raw. As I went to gather saplings, and extract rubber with my newly made tap when I ran across a chicken and an egg collecting the resources of both for later and came across a new house in the growing Norman village I lived on the outskirts of... (to be enhanced and continued).

Next is some info on a map I am working on, it will be posted in map when it is ready for release

===Aperture Mining and Aperture Mining+ Map Projects===

(done in the voice of STEVE, the game's AI antagonist)

Greetings and welcome. I would like to inform you about an upcoming project we have going one. Oh yeah, where are my manners, I'm STEVE. What does that stand for, well... I can't tell you, you have to consent to the Aperture Mining temporary hire applications/liability wavier before you have the clearance to know. Anyways, We are getting ready to open our doors soon (well after we do some house cleaning) for a new project in using untrained civilians for mining expeditions. Once it is ready all one has to do is plug in the Apeture Mining's "Mining Atherazation Protocol" or MAP into the "Mining Intellagance Nerual Electric Comunicator with Redunt Asyncrounus Fault Tolerance" or MINECRAFT (All names are subject to change and have been copyrighted, trademarked, servicemarked, and patented by Aperture Mining. That includes ever single spelling and anything that remotely looks like the names). I will be sure to keep you, <Reader's name here>, informed with updates and pictures in the official release channels once we get things started. People with the TECHNIC addon will be able to access a special area. The ASHPD plugin is also recommended as just having it installed can enhance the science (I hid a bonus for using it). Have a nice day and happy mining.

That is it for now. More updates will be coming when I have new content to post.

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