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Fastest EMC Farm Ever?

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Hi, I recently created an EMC farm that can create 1 Red Matter in 2-3 seconds! Roughly about 20 Red Matter per minute. I was wondering if that was the fastest EMC Farm ever made. I've only seen EMC farms that create Red Matter in 6-7 seconds, but none that create it in 3 seconds.

The EMC farm is a blaze rod concept, but with my own added features.

It includes :

10 macerators

14 filters

some RedStone

Blaze rods/powder

Red Matter

2 alchemical chests

2 gems of internal density.

So please if you have any faster reply to the thread

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The blaze-macerator exploit has been used to death as "best" EMC farm. Besides, you can better use Sorting machines to sort 2 blaze powder from the 5 produced back into the cycle for 1 blaze rod in an energy condenser and the other 3 to a different alchemical chest/energy condenser. There's no over/underflow in keeping the EMC generation constistent.

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