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PWNS-A-LOT: New Small Community Server


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New server starting up, been online for 1 month already, getting things ready new comers.

16 Slot server ( we want to keep our community under 50 )

Upgrades will come as the server grows

Spawn is set up in a small town where there is a Currency Exchange (we use industrial credits as credits), Adventurers Shop, a Specialty Kit shop (buy Canvas Bags with neat stuff inside), and player ran shops for competitive pricing and ability to gain physical wealth!

Rewards deals for creative and good players! Bounty boards, Griefer boards, and loyal player board. Read the Information board once you join, if admin is on ask for starter equipment.

!Suggestions Welcome!

ADMIN INFO: New to the tekkit scene but has learned a lot about the gameplay thus far, plays fairly and never goes into op on main character.

I am trying to get the permissions setup for certain plugins but need help (Gracious if help offered).

Server Uses

uHome: you can have up to 5 homes (6 including main home).

Use the /sethome to set main home. Use the /home set # to set the other 5 homes. Be sure to set one home to spawn until /spawn is fixed.

BlockProtection: All blocks placed by a character are protected from destruction against other players. working on explosion protection but dont want to limit the freedom of survival to the players, but want to protect well made structures and spawn.

Use command /bpadd "player" or /bpremove "player" to allow or deny rights to build and destroy your stuff.

Use Personal Safes to protect you stuff from any explosion and any character.

Buy a shield to protect your house!

Get a builders kit to build something fantastic!

Spawn is setup, expansions will come as more people join and towns are made and grow.

- Server Name: PWNS-A-LOT

- IP address:

- Server rules:


- ADMIN: Rangerpwns

- Moderators: Ponypwns, Caretaker1993

If you can help with the permissions for tekkit lite please get with me in game.

Ill answer all questions in game not through forum.

Appreciate bumps.

Thank you!

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