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[0.6.5]5 Person Tekkit lite Server[5 Slots][WhiteList]


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Server Rules:

1. No lagging the server on purpose

2. No screwing with other players

3. Must get on at least 5 times a week (I want 4 active players)


Hey there. It's lonely playing all by myself, so I'm opening up a server. It's a smalllserver because I don't want it too big, so I want a few other players including myself up to 5. My computer can handle pretty much anything, but my internet is alittle messy. Ill see how it works for the first week or so, then make any necessary changes.

Reply here if you want an invite and I may give you the server address and an invitation. I'd like to know your game name and why you want to be on the server. I'm in Tennessee, so the closer you are the better the connection.

Got enough people. Nevermind

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IGN: tommy1boy

I would love to join a small tekkit server because it will be fun to play with players that wont screw u up and wont mess with you When you are playing. I hope I get a reply back soon. If you need any further details just ask. I will be online for the next hour or so


PS (I am from the UK but am very active)

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Ign 1Charak2

I would Love to join a small Server As it will be fun as u know everyone who comes on and they won't mess with u or greif u I hope to get a reply back soon so i can start playing :P

Pm me if u need to know anything else

Ps (me like tommy whos above is from the UK but i am also very active)

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