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[3.1.2] Random-Craft Tekkit Classic [No Lag][5 Banned Items][Grief Protection][18+ TPS]

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Average Players:

 Weekends: 5-15

 Weekdays: Less than 10


The whole server has recently had many changes(as of March 1st). An old world was deleted. Along with that we have implemented a new anti-griefing system that will guarantee your stuff is safe. New plugins ensure less lag. Come join us!

- Virtually lag free
- Average of 18+ TPS
- 30+ Plugins
- 32 Slots total(+ any donor reservations)
- Nearly 96%+ uptime(Proof here, here, and here)


- 32 Slots
- Essentials, Economy, mcMMO, GriefPrevention, AutoRanks
- In-game Server Shops
- Resource world(ThePit), Protection world(Beta), and Spawn
- Eco awards for killing things

- All hacks have been patched
- EEPatch installed, meaning EE items are fully controlled by the server and cannot go through protections
- Only 5 items banned
- Nuke blast radius is decreased to reduce lag

*Mods Banned: none
*Items Banned:
- Harvest Goddess Band
- Black Hole Band
- Watch of Flowing Time
- Ring of Ignition
- Dark Matter Pedestal
*Restricted Items:
- Catalytic Lens - Can craft/own at Master rank
- Destruction Catalyst - Can craft/own at Master rank
- Evertide Amulet/Lava Amulet - Can craft/own at Experienced rank
- Ring of Arcana - Can craft/own at Veteran rank
- Cannon - Can craft/own at Member rank
- Dynamite - Can craft/own at Member rank

*Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban.

Donor Perks

- Able to join FULL servers
- /back, /me, /hat
- Set 3 homes
- Colors in chat/signs
- Tekkit Kits(essential tekkit items such as silver and redstone)
- KeepXP on death
- and more!


[1] Be respectful to all players and staff
[2] Any machines that cause lag(or spit items) may be removed from the server.
[3] No Excessive Profanity
[4] No Hacking/X-Ray/Duping
[5] No spamming, advertising, or player harassment
[6] No raiding, griefing, or stealing
[7] Do not claim near claims
[8] Do NOT burn people with lasers!
[10] No asking for any ranks


Newb: Less than 1 days playtime on the server.
Member: Obtain after 1 days of playtime.
Experienced: Obtain after 7 days of playtime.
Master: Obtain after 14 days of playtime.
Veteran: Obtain after 30 days of playtime.

Come and join us! We would love to have another player with us playing!


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It's an error that's happened twice now. Trying to locate the source. Should be up now.

Can you post the error? I might be able to help.

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Server has undergone some new changes, one of which included a new world! Come check the server out.


New Stuff:

- Anti-Grief system

- World

- Auto-Ranks are a little easier to get

- More staff

- More anti-lag systems put in place

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I would like to join your server however I cant seem to connect to your server, I have used your submitted IP address. I'm playing from the UK, and I would be happy to join considering the excellent comments about it. Is the server down for the time being or is there something I'm doing wrong?

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