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[3.1.2] RealityCraft [Factions] [Dupes Patched, 3 Banned Items]


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Information about the server: Our server is for everyone who wants to play it! We have nice community and helpful staff! Come and start your adventure in here and I promise you wont regret it :)

You can build freely and anywhere in it, except other players claimed faction land. We have very few banned items to ensure that you get the best Tekkit Classic Server Experience EVER!


Abusive language is strictly prohibited. Includes swearing, bashing players.

Please use English in the global chat channel.

Do not advertise any other server.

Don't swear, yell, troll, or disrepect any staff members.

You are responsible for your own account.

Do not say you will hack another player or server. You will be instantly banned.

Do not use hacked clients or game-enhancing mods. (Optifine and Shaders mods are permitted.)

Don't dupe or use any banned items.

Transmution Tablet - Dupe

Terraformer | Water Strainer - Currupted Chunks.



Hope you all come to join us!

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